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1000 Homes for the Scituate Town Library
Be Part of the 1000 Homes for the Scituate Town Library!

Have you considered joining an ever-expanding group of local citizens who are creating a lasting legacy for themselves and their families? Your $1,000 donation guarantees permanent recognition in the Library.

The 1000 Homes program is a critical part of our effort to meet our fundraising goal of $2 million. One thousand special people, willing to make this investment, can raise one million dollars to make the library’s beacon shine even brighter. Could you be one of them?

Give at your own pace

The 1000 Homes program is designed with a variety of giving options to meet the needs of everyone who lives in Scituate and loves the Library – families, singles, seniors, and couples. If you would like to join this effort, there are several ways to make your contribution over the next four years.

Consider this: just $20 a month or $5/week) over a four-year period adds up to $1,000.

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