Become part of an ever-expanding group of your neighbors and friends who are creating a lasting legacy for themselves and their families. Join the 1,000 Homes Program by pledging $1,000 toward the renovation and expansion of the Scituate Town Library, our most inclusive community asset.


The 1,000 Homes Program is designed with a variety of giving options to meet the needs of everyone who lives in Scituate and loves the Library - families, singles, seniors and couples. There are several ways to make your contribution over the next four years. Consider this: just $20 a month or $5 a week over a four-year period adds up to $1,000! And, your $1,000 donation guarantees permanent recognition in the Library.


One thousand special donors, willing to make this investment, can raise $1,000,000 to make the Library’s beacon shine even brighter. Please join us in becoming a part of this exciting project!